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May 2022: Space Ops section added in the TFM Training tab along with Debris Response Area training.

March 2022: CDM General Session section added in the TFM Training tab along with the WET 2022 TCF Training. Presentations from the CDM General Session coming soon!

January 2022: Additional teleconference recaps have been added under NSR in the TFM Training tab. Happy New Year from the ATCSCC Training Department!

December 2021: NSR has its own section in the TFM Training tab. Snowbird Strategies have been added to CUSTOMER TRAINING; and a briefing on Split AFPs has been added to AIRSPACE FLOW PROGRAM. Happy Holidays from the ATCSCC Training Department!

October 2021: The 50113 course will now be held virtually in December. Click on the Course Offerings tab for more course information.

September 2021: Course Offerings has been updated with the 50113 FY22 course calendar. Click on the Course Offerings tab above and plan out your participation today!

August 2021: Click on the TFM Training tab to see new CUSTOMER TRAINING materials. While you're there, why not download some training apps to use on your desktop!

  • FCA Based Reroutes & Reroute Monitor Overview
  • Diverted Flight List - Downloadable App
  • NY Airspace Application - Downloadable App

May 2021: We've aded new training! Head over to the TFM Training tab for the new TRAJECTORY BASED OPERATIONS module below:

  • TBFM Fundamentals

April 2021: A new tab has been added to the TFM Learning site, Efficiency Focus 5. Click on the Efficiency Focus 5 tab to learn more about this year's FOCUS FIVE EFFICIENCY INITIATIVE and review the related training materials.

March 2021: A new section has been added to the TFM Training tab. Introducing TRAJECTORY BASED OPERATIONS! Head on over to the TFM Training tab to see what TBO has to offer, and check out the new training materials under CUSTOMER TRAINING while you're there:

  • TBO Evolution Handout
  • TBO Single Flight Handout
  • TBO Summit Hanout
  • WET 2021 TCF Training
  • NE AFP Briefing - DCC Training

January 2021: We've added the TFMS RedHat7 Tech Refresh Training modules below:

November 2020: We've updated and added more Customer Training! Out with the old and in with the more user-friendly. Video files have been replaced with click-and-play links. No more downloading files to view! Check out these training courses under CUSTOMER TRAINING in the TFM Training tab:

  • Diversion Recovery
  • Diverted Flight List
  • Program Compliance Training Briefing
  • NE AFP Strategy of Use Plan
  • Time-Based Launch Procedures & Dynamic Launch and Reentry Windows

Also added, updated WEATHER refresher training:

  • Deicing Procedures
  • Winter Storm Operations

The JATOC eLMS course is finally here! Click on the JATOC Tab to check it out:

  • JATOC Briefing

Collaborative Strategy Forum Training

Refresher Training

    Class Registration - The Class Registration section of the TFM Learning Center is where your classroom experience begins. Here you are able to register for and reserve a spot in live Command Center controlled traffic management classes such as the National Traffic Management Course (50113), as well as register for virtual, real-time CENTRA sessions.

    Learn on your time! - Many of the online courses can be taken online from any location that has internet. Log in and begin today!

    • Airspace Flow Program (AFPs)
    • Midwest Airspace Enhancement (MASE)
    • Chicago Airspace Project (CAP)
    • 2007 AFP/ICR
    • 50113 Briefing
    • Sysops Required Briefings