Joint Air Traffic Operations Command


The U.S. operates the busiest, largest, most complex aviation network in the world. Every day, the FAA services tens of thousands of commercial, military, and general aviation aircraft safely across the National Airspace System (NAS) and oceanic airspace. This mission is accomplished through the unified efforts of the various operational units that comprise the Air Traffic Organization (ATO). These operational units have unique and distinct functions ranging from air traffic services, traffic flow management, security, safety and training and technical and flight program operations. These areas of expertise are best recognized at the Joint Air Traffic Operations Command (JATOC). The JATOC represents the ATO’s command and control element. It is at the JATOC where the experiences of the ATO’s highly skilled workforce intersect to provide a comprehensive picture of the NAS.

The JATOC operational elements are co-located to operate from a central location, making coordination more timely, accurate and efficient. The integration of the service units leverages their capabilities as a unified command. Its dynamic interface of the ATO operational elements strengthens the ability to carry out unified efforts that quickly and effectively respond to significant incidents which impact the safety, security and efficiency of the NAS.

Real-world incidents have reinforced the need to provide a consistent nationwide process for the ATO to prepare for, respond to, and recover from significant events in the NAS. The JATOC provides a systemic understanding of events through increased communication and situational awareness which enables the ATO and FAA leadership to make informed and responsible decisions that carry national and even global implications.

"From equipment outages to aircraft emergencies and security issues, JATOC uses all possible resources to fulfill the FAA’s mission of providing the safest, most efficient aerospace system in the world."
-- Jennifer Dempster, General Manager, JATOC

"When incidents strike we must be ready."

One Mission – One System – One Team

What is JATOC

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