JO 7930.2M
Effective Date:
September 25, 2008
Subject:  Notices to Airmen

Includes Change 1 Effective February 11, 2010

Section 2. NOTAM System


When changes occur so rapidly that time does not permit issuance on a chart or in an appropriate publication, they are publicized as NOTAMs. Originators of airmen information are expected to inform the National Flight Data Center (NFDC) in sufficient time before the effective dates of changes to permit publishing of aeronautical data on the various charts or in the appropriate publications. NOTAMs are classified into four groups in accordance with instructions in this order. The groups are:

a. NOTAM D. Information that meets the criteria of this order and requires wide dissemination via telecommunication and pertains to en route navigational aids, civil public-use airports listed in the AFD, facilities, services, and procedures. Information that may be beneficial to aircraft operations and is not identified in Appendix 2,of this order. These NOTAMs are identified with (O) as the first part of NOTAM text.

b. FDC NOTAM. Flight information that is regulatory in nature including, but not limited to, changes to IFR charts, procedures, and airspace usage.

c. POINTER NOTAM. Issued by a flight service station to highlight or point out another NOTAM; such as, an FDC or PJE NOTAM. This type of NOTAM will assist users in cross-referencing important information that may not be found under an airport or NAVAID identifier. Keywords in pointer NOTAMs shall match the keywords in the NOTAM D that is being pointed out. Keywords in pointer NOTAMs related to Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFR) shall be AIRSPACE.

!ACT ACT AIRSPACE SEE FDC 8/8989 ZFW 91.141 WEF 0904211200-0904251800

!BWI BWI NAV SEE DCA 04/006 EMI TIL 0904202359

When referencing NOTAM D, specify accountability, NOTAM number, and affected location in that order.

d. MILITARY NOTAM. NOTAMs pertaining to U.S. Air Force, Army, Marine, and Navy navigational aids/airports that are part of the NAS.


Distant dissemination means forwarding of NOTAM information via NADIN to the U.S. NOTAM System (USNS) for relay via WMSCR to all locations that are receiving the affected location's or tie-in FSS's weather and to the NFDC.


Disseminate NOTAMs locally to the area affected by the aid, service, or hazard being advertised.

a. Forward NOTAMs to ATC facilities whose area of responsibility includes the affected area or facility involved.

b. ARTCCs are responsible for forwarding FDC and special use airspace (SUA) and related airspaces NOTAM information to the affected terminal facilities.

FAAO JO 7930.2, para 6-1-5, SUA Related Airspace.

c. When a monitored NAVAID fails, the monitoring facility must be responsible for the notification of all affected facilities, including ATC controlling facilities.

d. Deliver to the local aviation companies, airline operation's offices, and interested users, except in accordance with facility directives (e.g., letters of agreement, memorandums of agreement, etc.).


Time critical delays, corrections, or changes to previously published data that cannot be republished before occurrence shall be issued as a NOTAM, providing they meet the criteria set forth in this order.


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