JO 7930.2M
Effective Date:
September 25, 2008
Subject:  Notices to Airmen

Includes Change 1 Effective February 11, 2010

Chapter 4.  NOTAM Procedures


Section 1. General

4-1-1.  Accepting NOTAM Information 4-1-2.  National NOTAM Office Relationships


Section 2. Preparing NOTAMs for Dissemination

4-2-1. NOTAM Composition 4-2-3. NOTAMs for NAVAID in Different FSS Flight Plan Area
4-2-2. NOTAM Accountability


Section 3. Coding and Transmission of NOTAMs

4-3-1. Preparation for Transmission 4-3-5. Confirming Acceptance by the NOTAM System
4-3-2. Automatic Data Processing (ADP) Codes 4-3-6. Transmission by Another Facility
4-3-3. NOTAM Transmission 4-3-7. Retrieving Domestic NOTAMs
4-3-4. Transmission of NOTAMs Exceeding 20 Lines

Section 4.  Canceling/Extending NOTAMs

4-4-1. Extending NOTAM Duration 4-4-3. Canceling Published NOTAM Data
4-4-2. Cancellation of NOTAMs

Section 5.  Computer-Generated NOTAM Service Messages

4-5-1. Monitoring 4-5-2. NOTAM Service Messages


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