February 11, 2010

Federal Aviation Administration





 Official Guide to

 Basic Flight Information and ATC


Includes: Change 1 dated August 26, 2010
Change 2 dated March 10, 2011
Change 3 dated August 25, 2011


Table of Contents
Explanation of Changes - Change 3 Explanation of Changes
Explanation of Changes - Change 2 Explanation of Changes
Explanation of Changes - Change 1 Explanation of Changes
Explanation of Changes - Basic Explanation of Changes
Preface Subscription Information, Comments/Corrections Form, Publication Schedule, General Information
Chapter 1 Air Navigation
Chapter 2 Aeronautical Lighting and Other Airport Visual Aids
Chapter 3 Airspace
Chapter 4 Air Traffic Control
Chapter 5 Air Traffic Procedures
Chapter 6 Emergency Procedures
Chapter 7 Safety of Flight
Chapter 8 Medical Facts for Pilots
Chapter 9 Aeronautical Charts and Related Publications
Chapter 10 Helicopter Operations
Appendices Bird/Other Wildlife Strike Report, Volcanic Activity Reporting Form, Laser Beam Exposure Questionnaire, Abbreviations/Acronyms


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